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Richard Lionheart Sword
Richard The Lionheart Sword with Wall Plaque

Stainless steel display sword with plaque and hangers. Length45". Great Quality !


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Roman Gladius Sword 
Roman Gladius Sword with Sheath
with wood and brass hilt - 33" Long
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We Specialize in medieval replicas including Swords, Suits Of Armor, Scottish Claymores, William Wallace  swords, wearable plate,  fantasy, Scottish swords, battle ready shields, helmets and civil war sabers for display and reenactments.

We stock German gothic suit of armor or chain mail in silver finish or black.

This site showcases the medieval knight,  renaissance period swords and suits of armour as well as some history on warriors. Our fantasy weapons, medieval halberds, shields, plate armour, suits of chain mail armor, medieval helmets, arms and replica weapons are available at the lowest prices anywhere.

Consider replica guns and reproduction non-firing flintlock pistols and replica rifles for your rustic den wall decor needs.

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Knight armour and chain mail  are our specialties. We have a large selection of wearable chain mail armor in a silver and black finish. Select from shirts in different sizes to accommodate a variety of body sizes.


See our SCA    wearable suit of armor  including breastplates  and  armor legs.  aYou can outfit yourself for any reenactment renaissance faire requirements. We keep entire suits of armor as well as various components.

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We have a great selection of Civil War replica swords. Decorative and authentic Japanese Samurai arms and weapons will enhance the look of any room.  Add a Scottish claymore sword , crossbows or daggers to create interest or complete your re-enactment ensemble. If you want fantasy weapons or a fine medieval era Spanish Suit of  Armor , look no further.

View our Viking pieces, Scottish broadswords , the Claymore of William Wallace as well as Japanese Samurai katanas .

Our medieval swords and shields featuring historical figures as St. George and Richard the Lion heart,

The Templar Knights and The Black Prince shields on the site are great early medieval period replicas and are great for display or re-enactments.

 We also have a wide selection Roman swords, shields and armour including the Lorica Segmentata  plate armor.

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History of Armor and Weaponry

Hi! You will find me on many of the pages for this site explaining some of the history behind the swords and armor that we display here. My hope is that it will help you understand why these pieces were created originally and why we feel like this was an important piece to add to our collection. If you are interested in the historical significance of any piece that has caught your fancy, just look for more descriptive text on the various swords, shields and armor pieces and categories on any page.

Armor began the first time tensions developed between tribes. Rudimentary pieces at first, perhaps a thick hide thrown over one’s chest or a carved bowl over the head were enough to deflect the worst of the blows from sticks or rocks. Then Man got more creative with his attacks and with his defensive shields. Imagine the shock the first time a sharpened stick was propelled by a rude gut string placed on a young limb or having poison sting you from a sharpened twig or a chiseled rock through a hollow carved wooden tube. Slingshots were developed for hunting small birds and animals but could propel a rock right into the head of a person much, much larger than the one defending with only a tool used for hunting previously. Man existed for thousands of years with these elementary devices that were used very successfully against man and beast to ensure the survival of our species. We refer to this part of our history as the Stone Age. Neanderthals Welcome! Unfortunately, we don’t have anything you would recognize here.

The Bronze Age was a marvel. The Sumer civilization was spread through Modern day East Africa, Spain, Asia Minor and what is referred to as the “Cradle of Civilization” in modern Iraq and the entire Arabic peninsula. When we began to approach the metal working eras, here we begin to find the beginnings of what we focus on in this site. From them, we got the first writers in Man’s history, the potter’s wheel, government, social divisions and slavery. But the most fascinating invention was the combining of different metal alloys that made it possible to use it for tools, weaponry and armor. Various metals such as gold, silver and copper were the first metals probably tried in suits of armor but were too soft and malleable for the sharpening edges needed for axes and cutting tools. I can only imagine the first smelters playing with the different metals, combining them to see the different effects that were produced and the delight of finding that tin and copper could make a metal that was hard enough to be tempered into uses beyond their dreams for commonly built sword blades and shields of the period.

bronze primitive helmet      bronze helmet with green patina finish
Early Bronze Helmets

Different areas developed their techniques over a period of 5,000 years, some simply trading for the alloys they needed that were not available in their area, which produced the first trade routes. In any case, through casting, newer and more effective weaponry began to appear along with much better coverings than furs for the warriors.

Family Coat of Arms
Family Coat of Arms

Primitive Armor Made Of Furs
primitime early armor made of furs

Around 600 BC, we go into the Iron Age. NOW we begin to see real progress with weaponry and armor. Iron wielders were able to cut down with ease the civilizations that still relied on bronze, and in spite of its tendency to rust, iron rapidly replaced bronze as the superior metal for tool, shields and armor. Yet the real progress was made with the advent of steel which was a big advantage in a battle suit of armor.

Roman Armor
Roman armor on iron stand

The Romans had it by 4th century BC and it is noted by them that the Celts were still using iron. Two very different types of armor and weaponry were developing. One was what we consider Barbarian style. The Hordes- Franks, Vikings and Goths- used this more than the Romans and Greeks whose equipment was refined and advanced. These two styles and populations finally converged around 500 AD.

early roman  gladiators

And here we begin our journey through the Medieval age of glory, the pinnacle of armory and hand to hand weaponry, fought in an era when men looked each other in the eye as they battled each other with sword, armor and shield.     

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