Chain Mail Shirt - Short Sleeve


Chain Mail Shirt Only! (Byrnie)
chain mail shirt and coif
4 Links in 1 Design - Expands or Contracts to Fit
Don't Be Fooled By Others Telling You 
That One Size Fits All - They Don't !

Select Sizes Below

Standard  ( Size: Large / XL)
CM100Lg / XL


For Larger Knights ( Size:  XXL Long / Tall )

Fits From Size 46 Chest -  58 Tall - Expands to fit 
Chain Mail Shirt and Coif Sold Separately


J2-Coif Chain Mail Coif
(hood only - pronounced "kwof")

Chain Mail Coif

Full Over-The-Shoulder Style
Don't be Fooled by Others Selling Smaller Styles That Don't Cover the Shoulders. Will Fit a Very Wide Range of Sizes Expands to Fit

Shown Displayed on Optional Wrought Iron Armor Stand
Chain Mail Armor Stand

More Chain Mail Armor Products - Click on Any Photo for More Details or to Order
Chain Mail Links and Bulk Sheet for Projects and Repairs

Long sleeve chain mail shirt
Shirt - Long Sleeve
Chainmail coif
Coif hood
Aluminum chain mail shirt
Aluminum maille
Chain mail shirt - zinc finish
Chain Mail Shirt
Templar chainmail shirt in zinc with black cross and brass edge work detail
Templar Chainmail
Black Maille
Black chainmail

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