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Stoltz Family Crest  Lindsay custom family coat of  arms on wood backround  Barattini custom famiyl coat of arms 

These are just examples above of some family names coat of arms designs on our standard 18" x 24" Steel display shield.


We have been selling medieval shields and armor for twenty years, showing our public the best that the planet offers in both battle- ready and decorative swords and armor. Ten years ago, we began to manufacture custom coat of arms and family crests to order, according to your provided family heraldry. The requests have begun to be so numerous, that we updated our process in order to reduce the cost and had a startling result: it looked better than what we were able to accomplish with the older process!


We added a new feature for those who do not have knowledge of their family’s coat of arms or, as most call it, the family crest (a misnomer, but very popular to describe a family coat of arms). We now have in our database over 10,000 names from European heritage. We have a comprehensive list of family names from England, Scotland, Germany, France and other European countries, and are adding more countries as we go forward. You simply select your correct family heraldry image, and then we place it on an appropriate color coordinated background of your choice from our selections.


The cost is lower due to time and manufacturing processes being simpler!

We have more versatility than ever and are even able to do business signs on shields, tributes to servicemen honoring their squad, rank and time served (one of our favorites!), and have created some shields for families that are for their present day families. Your favorite scripture? A favorite saying? All can now be reproduced as long as we have some idea of what you want.

You can guide us in this process and will be included in the process by working with our designer to produce your design for your individualized shield. We create your custom coat of arms on a steel battle shield (several designs of shield available) fit for any castle wall. Make a statement and create a family heirloom that is sure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Here's how it Works ...


With over 10,000 names in our database, we do our best to match you with authenticated family names and their coat of arms. Please realize that there are multiples of designs on each family name, as the centuries passed and each person awarded a coat of arms was allowed to design their own, utilizing what was done on their family’s shield previously. This is why the older designs dating back to the early 1100’s, are very simple and the later ones, such as the 18th century, are extremely elaborate, following very set heraldic rules and language. Every stroke of the artist’s brush had meaning and if you learn that language, you can read why the coat of arms was awarded, what country and even the rank of the person it was created for, and what period it was awarded.

So IF you know your coat of arms, we value the coat of arms that have been passed down through your family. We do not want to ignore the value of YOUR family coat of arms. It is precious and we wish to preserve it for you exactly as you present it to us.

But there are many who lost their family heritage centuries ago and need help. This is where we come in.


Step 1: Contact us and tell us your family name and the country origin of your name.

Step 2: Select a background from the examples shown below, or, if you have your own design, show us what you have and it will be done. Our backgrounds are all designed to be neutral and to compliment any family colors that your coats of arms might have.

Step 3: Select a shield style from our selection.

Step 4: Email us with this info and let us go to work!

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If needed, we will search our database and find your family coat of arms with the proper mantling and complete crest. Right now, we have focused on the most popular countries that are requested but adding countries as we go forward, so ask us! We love a challenge!

We will then mock up your custom coat of arms shield complete with a custom background and the riveted steel rim graphics. When done, we then get back with you (1-3 business days) and show you what we have done with your blazon, coat of arms, crest and mantling. You then can review your project for any changes that you think may be necessary.


please send a quality picture* of what you would like us to do with a detailed description and if an image is not possible, contact us for some direction (Please see below for more technical information concerning quality pictures). Our designers are good and can help with your design!

Email Your Ideas and Custom Images to ...
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If our database contains your family coats of arms, the cost complete, just like the ones shown above is $199 each and there is a $50 discount if you order 2 or more.  This price includes all our stock graphics or any image you send us that is of high quality and up to 1 hour of graphics work time.  There is technical information further down on what “high quality” means and why it is necessary for you to provide it.


If we have to work up your coat of arms from scratch, the cost can be more depending on what you provide. Please contact us directly for further information:

Email Your Ideas and Custom Images to ...
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We also have a $50 discount if you order more than one of the same design. Large volume orders and recurring orders may qualify for additional discounts.


In the US shipping ranges from $17 - $26 per shield. Approximate Canadian shipping costs are from $59 - $89. International rates will have to be quoted. Multiple shield rates will be adjusted to give you the best rate possible.

If you like what we did for you in the FREE Coat Of Arms Mock-Up Design, just tell us you want to proceed via email or call us. Our armor elves will then start making your custom family crest, military award shield sign or coat of arms by hand. In about 2 weeks you will receive it. We guarantee you will love it!

Don't settle for a piece of paper, a mug or a mouse pad. Display your family crest or coat of arms, award or logo with pride with this unique opportunity! Your family members and friends see what we made for you, we are certain they will want one too. And don’t forget: You can save a lot on multiple pieces of the same design.  Contact us to get the ball rolling right now! We answer on weekends too.

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Hand Made In America

* Images and Quality - Be Careful

If you are going to purchase any images for your custom coat of arms, please be careful before you buy. We want to produce a premium quality product for you and in order to do that, we really need an ultra-high quality image.

No disrespect is meant to sites that sell images, but there are a lot of low resolution junk files out there in JPG format on the internet and trust us, you want no part of them for this project, unless they are of the finest quality. Those are generally not the best quality images and are very difficult to work with and can result in an inferior quality final image for your custom shield.

The best thing to do is contact us first BEFORE you buy any image. Chances are good that we already have a representation of your coat of arms or can at least create it from scratch in far less time than trying to clean up an inferior quality image that will be of poor quality in the end. We are proficient with digital images and illustrations of all kinds but there is only so much that even the finest graphic artist can do with a poor quality image.


Buy 600 dpi, or better yet, vector format like CDR, WMF, SVG or AI. These are generally the best because they can be "blown up" to any size with no loss of resolution. You will get the exact image on your shield with high quality resolution!

 PNG files would be a second choice with a transparent background. If you send us a JPG image with a white background, we are unable to provide a quality product with any other background (the good news is if that is your family’s inherited coat of arms, then it will be like the original!). We have a massive graphic tool box. Let us use it to help you if you are stuck. Don't get us wrong. We want to help, but images on the internet are squeezed for quality to load fast on your phone. 

 Any image smaller than 1.5 megabytes is likely not usable as your main subject image. 

By giving us the best quality image, we can create your project from your artwork and keep your costs down.  We always provide a FREE MOCK-UP. Send us what you have, and we will see what we can do with it.

Licensing: please be aware that some popular images, such as school logos or popular cultural icons require licensing and cannot be reproduced. Just because you paid money for an image, does not mean you or we have the right to produce a product bearing that image. 

We will never offer to sell you an image. We want to create, just for you, a one-of-a-kind heirloom treasure you will be proud of for your lifetime, for your children’s lifetime and beyond.

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Here Are Some Stock Background Choices
This is the exact same family coat of arms with crest - on 6 different background options just to shown the difference.
We are not limited to these however

Distressed coat of arms background
Dark distressed coat of arms background
Dark Distressed
Steel Gray coat of arms background
Steel Gray
Alabaster coat of arms background
Coat of arms backgrouch in white crackle finish
Parchment custom coat of arms background

Our Coat of Arms Sample Gallery
just a few of Thousands

Robinson coat of arms Alcord family crest Custom coat of arms on wood background
Langford custom modern knight crest O'Leary Coat of Arms on Gray Steel background with riveted rim Weisinger Custom Coat of Arms on a custom shield
Barattini custom shield shield family crest Low custom family surnmane shown of custom shield Talbot coat of arms - Alabaster
Betz family crest on a custom display shield Custom Shield with Christian images Family coat of are showing a custom crest with feathers
custom designed coat of arms with the Ollarsaba family name Manson family
Manson Family
Rampant lion with 3 hands shield
Teti special custom shield with the knights of the round table theme Nightingale with gem stones shield  Stoltz
Davis shield Jordan Baker

Langston and Baker custom coat of arms shields with a Langston family decendant
Langston Family Member With Her Coat of Arms

This Is a Premium Custom Project Below
Custom Family Crests and Shields
Custom Shield

This is a Premium Project that required additional customization. Price Varies By Complexity on any custom artwork. But chances are we already have your name ready to go in great detail at a much lower cost with no compromise on quality.

Don't See What You Want ! 
We Can Custom Make You A Custom Coat Of Arms Your Own Design

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