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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our replica shields, swords and armor.

Q: What is the material gauge thickness on your replica medieval shields.
A: Our shields that we manufacture like the battle ready and hanging shields are made from 16 ga. steel. This makes the suitable for SCA , LARP or other reenactment standards. All other shields that are strictly decorative, are made from 18 ga. steel and are not suitable for reenactments.

Q: What type of material is are the shields made of?
A: The majority of our replica medieval shields are made for carbon steel. They are formed to size, painted and then get an  art treatment depending on the style.

Q: What are the swords made of?
A: Depending on whether the swords are for display or reenactment will determine the material used. The decorative swords are made of carbon steel and stainless depending on the item. The civil war swords are also carbon steel and stainless depending on the items.

Q: Are the swords full-tang?
A: Some are like the Samurai swords and some are not depending on the items. The ones that are full tang are stated as such.

Q: Are the swords sharpened?
A: We do not provide sharpened swords. They are sold as strictly replicas for reenactment. That said most of our swords will take and hold an edge if you choose to sharpen them. Swords that have been sharpened are not returnable.

Q: What are the helmets made of?
A: Our helmets vary according to the item. Some are made of 16 ga. steel and others are made of 18 ga. steel. I really depends on the helmet and that is stated in the description for each of the items.

Q: Are the suits of armor wearable?
A: Any suit of armor that is deemed wearable is stated as such in the description. Some of the products made in Spain are not and sold as decorative only for display purposes. The products for Italy and India are mostly wearable. Those are stated as such in the armor description for the various items.

Q: Are the breastplate harnesses wearable?
A: Most or our armor components are wearable. A few are for decorative purposes only and those are marked as such. Our wearable breastplates and harnesses are sized for an average person up to 6' tall and they are adjustable to fit the wear in a stated range.

Q: What are the suits of armor made of?
A: The Armor is by and large made from carbon steel. Some pieces are polished , some are blackened and some have a protective coating. Please refer to the individual item for more info on each suit of armor .