Military Awards Shields

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Custom Made Shields For Military Accomplishment and Mission Achievement

We specialize in hand crafting commemorative shields for the military for varies awards and achievement. This could be for mission accomplishment, service commemoration or special service award to a squadron, company, group or military branch

Here are some examples some of the shields we have created for military acknowledgement, gifts and achievement awards.

Custom award shield as gift for Secretary of Defence James Mattis
Custom Shield Made As Gift for James Mattis

Flying Knights 608th Commemorative Shield Hammer
Special awards shield for Marines Military awards shield Air Force Recruitment award shield

OK ... What does all this cost

Initially, nothing to get a quote. Cost really depends on the complexity of the artwork, how many shields are being purchased at a time and how many development hours are involved to getting a camera ready project together. The more you give us to work with in the way of a high quality images, the better and cheaper the project with be.  Designs can be personalized per the specific service member bearing their name, specific award or accomplishment and dates etc. You control that part. Costs range for $149 to $249 depending on the art development work involved plus shipping.  We give a  generous military discount and discounts for multiple shields per order. We have a huge database of stock images but graphics like squadron or company / battalion artwork will need to come from you. You will also need to have the rights to reproduce those images and grant us image use rights to produce the work for you.

What Do We Need ?

We need really high quality graphics. The best kind of graphics are vector files in formats like SVG , AI , CDR Corel Draw files , WMF or similar scalable vector file. Why ? These can be enlarged without any loss or degradation so if you have already that or are designing an image , choose to go that way if possible. It is not good enough to take a JPG and convert to a vector. That doesn't work, although a very good JPG image can be used.

PNG images with a transparent background of high resolution are great too. The next best type of graphics are high-resolution PNG files of at least 300 dpi at actual size with transparency layers in tact. Bigger is better here and present the sharpest edges and least image degradation.

JPG images while not preferred can be acceptable provided they very are of very high resolution with sharp edges with backgrounds of white can be cleanly cut away. Fuzzy edges on JPG images with result in a poor final graphic. Stick with vectors and transparent PNG files if possible.

Try to find the original squadron or company patch insignia artwork file in vector form if you can if that is to be included. Files obtained from the internet are generally compressed and of low quality. You will also need permission to use this file and extend that permission to us. It is generally not a problem if the base commanders are approving this. Just get permission to use the artwork unless you created it from scratch or had someone create it for you. This will help us make a stunning accomplishment or service display shield for your commemorative event.

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