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U.S. civil war swords  - Excellent replicas from the Union and Confederacy: 

The civil war swords and sabers at are made of high quality materials. The blades and scabbards of our sabers are made of High Carbon steel and the pieces are historically accurate. Mounted cavalry and their swords provided the best battle field attack method as in war for over 500 years. For the civil war foot soldier, their swords were the last line of defense after the cannons had fired and the flintlocks had billowed their white smoke. Officers the Union and Confederate armies commanded loyalty, respect and bravery from their troops. Their swords and side arms were carried to remind the troops of that. Our reproduction swords and replicas reflect the sword makers craftsmanship of the era. You will be proud to own and display and one of these swords or sabers.

The War between the states literally tore the Unites States in two. Furthermore, the pain of the reconstruction era was nearly as difficult as the war itself. There are numerous tales of bravery and heroism from both sides of the conflict. The antique weapons and and articles of clothing that remain and serve to remind us of our heritage and of this difficult time in our country's history.

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  Union Officers Sword 
Swords - Union and Confederate sabers
CSA Shelby Officers Sword
Shelby Confederate Sword

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