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We make SCA armor to order. Our chain mail and wearable plate armorhelmets and breastplates are great for SCA battles and historical re-enactments . At www.swordsandarmor.com we will beat any advertised price on the internet for same quality merchandise. This site showcases the plate armaments as well as that of swords , shields and complete suits of medieval armor. Samurai and Scottish items are available also.

Medieval Helmets

SCA Armor Helmet
SCA armor helmets

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chain mail stand

Armor Breatplate - Wearable
breastplates and spaulders

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The swords, shields, Suits of armor, and medieval helmets at Swordsandarmor.com are available at the lowest prices anywhere. We have vast international resources available and well as a custom metal manufacturing facility in the US.  The suits of ARMOR are all hand-made. They are shipped disassembled. SCA guidelines dictate the use of 16 ga, steel on all of the armor pieces.

How to order: Take a look at all of the merchandise that we have online. Chances are we have already as a stock item. We take custom orders all of time for shields and armor items. Couple a piece of 14 ga. or 16 ga. plate armor with some chainmail and you have the beginnings of a great battle suit fit for any warrior.

Shipping: All merchandise can be shipped via UPS. The Medieval helmets are shipped in a protective gel for ocean transit. Shields are available in plain steel or with an antique painted finish. All shields can also display one or two swords and can be mounted on the back using supplied hardware.

Armor stands, hangers and displays are available so you can properly display your Medieval treasure. The Swords are not sharpened although they will take an edge. All halberds and polearms are shipped in two pieces that screw together tightly. All merchandise is manufactured in our partner factories in Spain and India. Our offerings change and are expanded daily. Check with us for new items. We want your business and will work hard to earn your trust. Give us a try and you will not be disappointed.

Returns: We stand behind all of our merchandise. If you are not happy when you receive your order, just let us know and we will exchange it or replace it for another item. If we cannot serve you we will gladly refund your purchase amount. We pride ourselves in providing the best merchandise at the very lowest prices.

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