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Fantasy Sword of Robin Hood
SD223 Robin Hood Sword - 46" Long Total
Stainless Steel Blade

Made in Spain - Wooden Grip - Very Nice!

Excalibur Sword
Excalibur sword

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Our company has a huge stock of quality fantasy swords and dragon swords. We stock pieces from Art Gladius and some of finest swordmakers in the world. Dragon and mystic sword items are one our specialties. The sword blades are made of the finest stainless steel and forged by Spanish craftsmen.  Traditional swords were folded many times in the traditional way to obtain the best combination of strength and flexibility. This laminating effect gives a fine sword its durability. If a sword is too hard it can break. The tang inside the handle must also be very flexible to absorb the shock of the blade strike. This is extremely important. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. When it comes to replica weaponry, nobody can match Spanish attention to detail and commitment to superior quality.

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Our Products are made from carbon steel or stainless and polished to a high sheen. Carbon steel can rust. We recommend WD-40 to clean and protect your weapons and armor. Rust can be removed with fine steel wool. Spray WD-40 regularly and wipe down to prevent rust. Always clean after use.

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We use heavy duty corrugated cardboard cartons and natural brown kraft paper to pack your fantasy weapon. All are 100% recyclable and provide the best protection from damage. We process our own orders. Some people have other companies ship or drop ship from another location. Not Us! You always get an order shipped from the same folks that you purchase from. No Middle Man . . No Hassle !

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