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Sir Galahad - The White Knight

It is said that one day a sword in a marble slab was discovered near Camelot in a river by Arthur's knights, and that only the most chivalrous knight in the kingdom could remove the sword. Galahad, the youngest and most innocent of the Knights of the Round Table, was led into Arthur's court where he withdrew the sword to the amazement and wonder of the older Knights, and was was seated in the Siege Perilous, the seat reserved for the purest of heart.

It was later on when the Grail appeared in a vision at Arthur's court that Galahad was one of the three knights chosen to undertake the Quest for the Holy Grail. He was given a white shield with a red cross which the son of Joseph of Arimathea had drawn in his own blood. In the course of the Quest he was accompanied by Percival, Bors, and Percival's sister. On board Solomon's ship, Galahad obtained the Sword of David, and after the death of Percival's sister the trio split up for a while and Galahad was reunited with his father, Lancelot.

When the three were reunited they traveled to Galahad's birthplace of Carbonek and found the Grail. Galahad mended the broken sword, and to reward him for his good works he was allowed to see the Grail. After beholding the Holy Grail, Galahad requested of Joseph of Arimathea that he die, which request was granted unto him. Galahad will always be known as the "White Knight". He truly was perfect in courage, gentleness, courtesy, and chivalry.

Suit of Armor - White Knight Style
White Knight Suit of Armor

“And one there was among us, ever moved Among us in white armor, Galahad.
'God make thee good as thou art beautiful'
Said Arthur, when he dubbed him knight, and none
In so young youth was ever made a knight
Till Galahad; and this Galahad, when he heard
My sister's vision, filled me with amaze;
His eyes became so like her own, they seemed
Hers, and himself her brother more than I.“

The Holy Grail
by Lord Alfred Tennyson

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