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Barbute Helmet - Early Medieval

Barbute (or Barbuta)
Barbute or Barbuta medieval helmet
Barbute Helmet

This Helm is Made from 18 ga. polished carbon steel this and is very strong.  It is Full a Coverage Battle Helm with a reinforced area around the eyes and nose opening. The one piece solid construction was simple yet afforded good protection. It was sometimes worn with chain mail for added neck and shoulder protection. Good Quality - Very Heavy Duty

Barbute Helmets     Chain Mail Coif

Medieval helmet display stand made from wood
Helmet Stands

The typical 15th century Barbute, or Barbuta as it known in Italy, was a one piece medieval helmet that had a T or Y-shaped opening for the eyes. The opening in the helmet also ran down vertically the length of the helm in the front. This medieval helmet had long sides that went down to the base of the neck. There was typically a reinforcing ridge or comb on the top of the helmet to provide additional strength and to deflect battle blows from the opposing weapon wielding adversary. It was generally worn in conjunction with a chainmail collar or full coif to provide additional protection. This visor-less helmet was sometimes also lined with thick padding or with soft material like batting or velvet to provide cushioning or padding to absorb the shock of sword blows. the barbute also had reinforcement along the T-opening to add additional rigidity due to the open slot running vertically down the face. A Mantuan family by the name of Gonzaga gave the barbute it's name in the early 15th century.

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