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Swords, Armor and Shields - Quantities are Limited

Round Wooden Shield in Red With White Cross And Center Boss
Plain Round Wooden Shield w/Cross
24" w/ hanger

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Medeival Shield In Polished Finish With Embossed Eagle And Jewel
Metal Shield w/Eagle and Raised Detail


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Samurai Sword Set In Wood Detail With Stand
Samurai 3 Sword Set

3 Piece Samurai Sword Set in Wood Grain with Stand

Samurai Wakisashi Sword With Sheath
Samurai Sword - Wood Grain

SD024-SET  Samurai Sword Set  

This nice Samurai Sword set has 3 different pieces in the 3 different length Japanese Samurai Swords . The long Katana sword is complimented with a mid-sized "Wakizashi" size and short Tanto. They all have carbon steel blades  with an ornate hilt with nice silver and gold finish detail work. The sheath has a very nice durable wood grain finish. The trio of swords comes with a display stand as well. We thought the value was exceptional on this set and we believe you will too

Wood Samurai Sword Closeup Of Hilt Area
Samurai Sword Hilt

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Christopher Columbus Sword Large Full Length View
Christopher Columbus Sword

42" long - Gold Finish Hilt w/ Plush Red wire-wrapped grip - Etched Blade
Christopher Columbus Sword
Sword Hilt Close-up



Medieval Lion Shield 
Shield Front View   

Lion Shield Back
Etched Lion Shield

Rampant Lion Battle Shield

Rampant lion shield battle shield with etching. Polished face and painted back with grip. Size is 27" x 16" . Nice battle-ready shield at a great price .



More Closeout Medieval Shields


Napoleon Sword 
Stainless Steel Blade - 35" Total Length - Gold Finish Hilt
 Jeweled Adornment on Grip - A Sword Fit for an Emperor 




William Wallace Sword - Mid Size
William Wallace Sword
Stainless Steel Blade - 42" Total Length
Made in Spain
Sword Hilt Area Closeup

William Wallace - History of the Scottish Legend


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Templar Knights Mini Sword Letter Opener
Miniature Sword Letter Opener

11" Long , Stainless Steel w/ Templar Cross Pommel


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