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Maximilian Close Helmet

16th Century
Maximilian Helmet
Maximilian Helmet

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Maximilian (as in Maximilian II) plate armor represents a combination of Italian and German styles and is characterized by use of fluting and metal folds for lightness and strength. Maximilian II was the Roman Emperor from 1564-1576. Armor from the Mid to Late 16th Century is commonly referred to as Maximilian period armor. It was considered to be the pinnacle of the armor achievement. It represents centuries of experience in the armouror's  craft. It had heavy fluting for strength combined with smooth surfaces and graceful lines. This provided outstanding protection while minimizing weight. The armor from the Maximilian period is considered the best that there was. This Representative Helmet is Made from 18 ga. polished carbon steel. It gives good visibility and provides great protection. The movable visor has good air flow.

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