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Armet Medieval Close Helmet


16th Century
European Close Helmet 

Medieva lreplica Armet close helmet with movable visor in polish steel  finish
This Armet Style Helmet
is Made from 18 ga. polished carbon steel. This helmet gives good visibility and provides great protection. The movable visor has good air flow.

Helmet stand
Helmet Stands

The medieval armet close helmet was developed in the 15th century. These helmets were used in Italy, France, England, Spain and Hungary. The armet style of armor battle wear was popular during the late 15th and early 16th centuries when western European full plate armour had been perfected. They sometimes had movable, hinged face and cheek pieces allowed the wearer to close the helmet, protecting the head from injury. The classic armet added an extension piece of armor to the back of the skull reaching down to if the neck, and the cheek pieces were sometimes hinged, horizontally, from the main part of the skull. The Germans produced a variant armet where the downward extension of the skull was made much wider, reaching as far forward as the ears. It served many a medieval knight well in battle and was a very popular style for the day.

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