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Black Knight Helmet


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Black Knight Helm

This fantastic piece is our very own creation. we haven't seen anything like it. It is a middle ages style Great Helmet and has a antique blue / black finish. This is not a painted finish but a special heat treated durable finish. Add a black chain mail shirt and coif with this helmet and you have your very own Black Knight outfit.

Outstanding Quality - Very Heavy Duty

The Black Knight Suit of Armor - Complete


You can now get your very own complete, Black Knight suit of armor that is totally wearable and also makes a great display piece. The helmet suit are a perfect match and you will be proud to own it. Start your own war on the dark side with this heat treated , aged blue patina that has an authentic, ancient medieval look. Don;t look elsewhere because this piece was designed by us and made specifically for swordsandarmor.com

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