Black Chain Mail Shirt and Coif

3/4 Sleeve Chain Mail Shirt

Blackened / Annealed Finish
black chain mail shirt   armor knight holding sword   full length black chain mail
Black Chain Mail Shirt   Black Chain Mail Coif
Has 3/4 length sleeves and 34" Overall Length
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Black Coif CM-Coif_Black
over-the-shoulder style


Shirt  CM100-BL (Standard Size)
Black Chain Mail Shirt
4 Links in 1 Link Design
Fits Size MED - XL Expands to F


line that separates chain mail pieces

Black Templar Chain Mail Shirt

Black Templar Chain Mail Shirt with Cross

This is a similar chainmail shirt as above but in black with a zinc Templar finish cross woven into the black shirt w/Brass dogged edge trim at the bottom. The matching Black Coif is also available and sold separately. These are really nice chain mail shirts with an extra decorative treatment that really adds a lot.

Templar chai mail brass edges closeup
Chainmail Shirt - Brass Dogged Bottom

Black Shirt  CM200TEMP-BL  

line that separaters coif and chain mail shirt

Templar coif with brass trimmed edges
Black Templar Chain Mail Coif

Black Coif  CM-Coif-TEMPBLK  


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Chain Mail Links and Bulk Sheet for Projects and Repairs

chain mail shirt in zinc
Chain Mail Shirt

Tem,plar chain mail in zinc
Templar Chainmail


long sleeve chain mail shirt
Shirt - Long Sleeve
black chain mail shirt
aluminum maille

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