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Campbell Medieval Shield


Campbell display shieldl in steel


This Replica Medieval Shield . . .
is constructed of 16 ga. steel. The shield size is 18" x 24" and it has a curved shape. It is the classic "Heater" style battle shield. They are hand-painted by our artists and then sprayed with a protective layer of polyurethane to preserve the artwork. The shields are available in either a wall display version with a chain to hang from or a hand-held battle ready version with heavy duty 1 1/2" leather straps on the back. Order the version you desire below.

SH200-A Campbell Display with Hanging Chain
Hanging Shield Back View

SH350-A Campbell Battle Ready with Leather Straps
Battle Shield Back View

The family name of "Campbell" is considered to be primarily a Scottish and Gaelic origins, although a small number of geneolocical branches have origins from the Anglicans of various Irish and Gaelic names.

In Scotland, the name owes it's origins to the two Scottish / Gaelic words. "Cam" and "Béal" meaning "Crooked mouth" or "wry-mouthed". this nickname eventually became the surname Campbell.

A common Irish derivative is from the surname Mac Cathmhaoil. Descendants of a war-leader named Cathmhaoil took the surname, and was often pronounced as "Cammle". This coincidentally was the same pronunciation as the Scottish surname "Campbell". From this Irish surname, a number of derivations were arrived including MacCawill, McCaul, MacCall, Caulfield, and of course Campbell.

Campbell is the 47th-most common surname in the United Kingdom. Within the United States, it is ranked as the 46th-most common surname.

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