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Medieval Dragon sword hilt
Richard Lionheart Dragon Display Sword

Robin Hood Sword
Robin Hood Sword

Excalibur medieval King Arthur sword
Excalibur , Sword of  King Arthur

Demon skull fantasy sword
Demon Skull Sword

Medieval Dragon fantasy sword
Medieval Dragon Sword

Viking Sword
Viking Sword

Robin Hood fantasy sword
Robin Hood Sword Made in Spain
  SD223 Made in Spain

Excalibur sword
Excalibur Sword Made in Spain
  SD202 Made in Spain

Odin Viking god fantasy sword
Sword of Odin, Viking God
  SD3204 Made in Spain

Fantasy Swords
Bigger and Better than Life

We love our super-Heroes in today’s world of high-tech super effects created for us by television, computer games and comic books, yet always in man’s history there have been heroes. We still know these legends, in fact, many of them translated into our own modern mythology and, of course, they need weapons worthy of our hero worship.

We dream of different times, fascinated with Medieval lore as it represents the pinnacle of glory through battle, hard won with close battle, skill, a good deal of luck and a good sword. Fantasy swords are inevitably very large swords because our superheroes are large in our eyes, no matter how they are described in our books or portrayed on our screens. Their beauty is quite different than the ordinary swords of mere men and intricate in design and detail, fascinating to study and to hold and imagine its namesake.
These swords remind us of stories, stories that perhaps held us spellbound for hours as a child or sent us daydreaming during a dull hour in the classroom. These swords tell us our own hearts as our imaginations soar, remembering the legends of Arthur, Merlin, Conan, even the Vikings who braved the oceans to find and conquer new lands. Did they carry such a sword? Some may have, yes, but more likely they did not. I can’t imagine Robin Hood ever carrying a massive 42 inch long sword slung with his longbow and arrows hidden in the trees to ambush the rich and powerful in Sherwood Forrest. But I can look at his sword and remember what he stood for- freedom of poverty and the right to live a decent life for all men, defender of the weak and helpless and the scourge of those who trampled on others to obtain their own desires. That is the purpose of a fantasy sword. They remind us, not so much of the man who they are named for but for the ideal that man stood for in our mythology. What does that sword remind us, that story teach us? What human quality that we treasure did it represent?

 When picking out a fantasy hero, we reveal our own hearts, what we truly treasure as an ideal for ourselves. For me, it was Zorro, sadly not represented with a massive sword (he was a duelist for those who don’t recall his story), who fought for the underdog and fought against injustice, well hidden and disguised and never revealing his true identity. Even today, so many years later, I still bristle when I see injustice and wish for a Zorro to arise if I cannot change what I see. Even so, if Robin Hood rates a big fantasy sword, Zorro should get one too. The injustice of it all!

But I lose track of my thoughts. When one collects these swords, it is with a word of caution that I leave you- what does this sword represent to you? Who are you? You reveal yourself with your choices in life and with this choice, you announce the true treasures in your heart.

May these swords always bring a smile to your lips, a warm glow to your heart and a glorious memory to your mind as they do for me.

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Medieval warrior sword
medieval sword

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