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Medieval Warrior Sword - Stainless

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Medeival Sword with Leather Sheath

Elite Medieval Sword with Leather Sheath

This beautifully crafted 42 inch long sword has an antique bronze finished hilt with red and gold highlights on the pommel and the matching design on the leather sheath tip covering. It is richly detailed with raised engraving throughout the hilt and a golden cross adorns its center which is then highlighted in brilliant red that draws the eye to the central cross. Intertwined within the hilt’s patterns are images of a dragon, a gryphon, a medieval soldier and an eagle. The comfortable solid grip is wire wrapped leather for comfort and durability. The sword blade is made of stainless steel which prevents rust and is not provided sharpened (sword sharpeners are found on this site).

This is primarily a one-handed weapon, or longs word, but is now commonly referred to as a hand-and-a-half sized sword. The pommel has detail of a medieval knight in armor riding a horse and it bears an inscription in the Catalan and Latin languages. The sheath itself is carefully constructed and well made with matching design detail in the tip covering. We are proud to present this piece in our collection.

Sorry , This Sword Has Been Discontinued by the Manufacturer

The Elite Stealth Tracker Sword Background

This beautifully crafted sword and sheath set captures the imagination immediately with its construction, detail and coloring. Although based on many rather than one pattern of the past, its unique blend of symbols and its message intrigue one to study the detail of the hilt and draws one into the world of romance and chivalry as only our present generations can imagine it.

The Pommel bears the image of a knight or soldier riding a magnificent horse and the Catalan romance language inscription loosely translates to “Elite Stealth Tracker”, naming this as a sword used by horsemen of an earlier time who were also apparently very good hunters. One can only hope that the creators of this sword based its design on earlier creations from a different era but if they did, I have not located it. It would suit a horseman with its length of 42 inches, and is known in modern terminology as a hand and half sword which was favored by medieval riders.

Known as a longsword through the Bronze Age to the Medieval Era, his style became known as a ‘Bastard Sword’ during the Renaissance Era beginning around 1350 and lasting to around 1550. The terminology of “a hand and half” sword came into existence in the late 19th century to differentiate from the two handed swords of heavier and longer construction.

Even though most of the symbols used on the antique bronze hilt were used in history, the abundance of these symbols labels this as sword of fantasy. A Dragon, A Griffon and the Germanic tribal symbol of the Eagle are impressed into the ornate antique bronze with a kneeling knight. In the Aevery symbol that the designer treasured, it turns the piece into a fantasy sword rather than an actual historical copy, reflecting symbols used from the Bronze age through the Renaissance period. Symbols used throughout the ages reflected and individualized different tribes, noble houses and even countries as well as beliefs but speak strongly to us even today.

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