Excalibur Sword

Stainless Steel Blade


Sword of King Arthur

Excalibur sword of King Arthur
Excalibur, Sword of King Arthur

Excalibur stainless steel blade etching closeup
Etched Stainless Steel Blade

45" Total Length - 440 Stainless Steel Blade
24k Gold Plated Pommel and Hilt - Leather Handle
Very Nice Detailed Blade Etching - Well Balanced - Classy Piece
King Arthur Would Have Been Proud of this Sword

Qty.      $195

Excalibur Sword With Gold Finish Hilt and Pommel
Excalibur Swords with Sheath - Large
48" Total Length w/Sheath , 45 Sword Length
Gold Finish  Hilt and Pommel - Stainless Steel Blade

Excalibur Hilt Area
Hilt Detail


Excalibur Sword and Sheath with Red Detail and Etching
Excalibur Sword with Sheath - Medium
42" Total Length w/Sheath , 41 1/2" Sword Length
Gold Finish  Hilt and Pommel with Red Detail - Stainless Steel Blade

Excalibur Sword Hilt - Red Detail
Sword Hilt


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