Chain Mail Armor Display Stand

Chain Mail Stand
Chain Mail Stand - iron

Wrought Iron Wearable Armor Hanger

Chain Mail Armor Stand

Display Your Chainmail on This Extra Heavy Duty Iron Stand. Assembles Quickly With a Flat Screw Driver. 36" Tall to Shoulder - Hand Made From Wrought Iron
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At the end of a long day of battling your foes ...

 you need a place to hang your chainmail so that your castle stays tidy. This well-made stand could save your marriage as it is strong enough to handle your bloodied protective mail and small enough to be tucked over in a corner- preferably on your side of the bedroom. Think of the time saved by your squire as it is now in the perfect position to be cleaned and then displayed easily within your reach, ready for your next hard day of protecting your home from those Mongol invaders, or whoever else decides to enter your lands uninvited!

Easily assembled, it stands 36 inches to the shoulder which gives you plenty of room for the maids to clean away the dust and cobwebs underneath it if you happen to have those rare years of peace and tranquility descend upon your kingdom. Order yours today from this maker of fine, durable wrought iron products who reside in the lands of those United States and make this in their very own hearth!

And please browse the wares further in order to see the adjustable wearable armor stand which can hold your heaviest suit and helm without buckling and adjusts up to 65 inches tall, or perhaps a new suit of armor may be in your future?

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chain mail armor stand
Chain Mail Stand

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