Chain Mail Shirt - Long Sleeve


Long Sleeve Chain Mail Shirt

Long sleeve chain mail shirt

Long Sleeve Chain Mail Shirt
Coif Sold Separately !

Mid Thigh Length -  Sleeves are 19" Long.
This shirt has extra length sleeves compared to our standard shirt.

You can buy the standard steel coif too right here on this page if you like.
The material is zinc plated steel with the standard 4 in 1 link weave. 

CM101-LS Long Sleeve Shirt Only


J2-Coif Chain Mail Coif
(pronounced "kwof")
Chain mail coif in zinc silver finish
Chain Mail Coif

Chain mail shirts weigh between 35 and 45 pounds depending on the size. 
You might want to consider our Aluminum Chain Mail Shirt if weight is a concern for you.

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Chain Mail Links and Bulk Sheet for Projects and Repairs

Chain mail shirt - zinc finish
Chain Mail Shirt

Templar chainmail shirt in zinc with black cross and brass edge work detail
Templar Chainmail

Black Maille
Black chainmail

Long sleeve chain mail shirt
Shirt - Long Sleeve
Chainmail coif
Coif hood
Aluminum chain mail shirt
Aluminum maille

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