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16th Century European Armour

Etched Medieval  Suit Of Armor Etched Suit Of Armor Torso

Medieval Suit Of Armor Legs Close Up

This replica European Knight suit of armor is constructed of polished Carbon Steel with deep etching appointments tastefully placed over the entire plating. While not as refined as some of our finer Italian suits of armor we sell, it does represent a great value for the money and is an outstanding display piece. It comes complete as shown with the stand and base with some assembly required as with all suits of armor. It took us about 45 minutes to assemble and pose our new regal knight out of the box. The finish is polished carbon steel with deep etching. You will be hard pressed to find another suit of armor of this quality for a lower price for such an impressive display piece. He looks quite regal if we may say so! The knight is large at approximately 79" tall fully assembled on the stand. Like many items from overseas, there is some cleanup of the oil-based packing protectant that prevents rust in shipping. We use WD-40 and soft cotton rags to remove the protectant and seal the armor which will provide protection and should be used regularly for maintenance. A light coat of a fine clear wax can be used to protect the finish as well. This suit of armor of grand stature and height would be a royal addition to your large foyer, den or, of course. your castle entry hall or dungeon.

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