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Jerusalem Shield


 Jerusalem Shield in wooden with hanging chain
Jerusalem Shield



Our Jerusalem shield is made of wood with leather and brass ornamentation

This beautiful, ornate shield features the Jerusalem Cross, the emblem of the Templar Crusaders. .  It measures 30" x 18" and weighs 9 pounds.  Black all natural golden tone stripes adorn the background of this impressive shield. Adorned with a lion’s head at the center of the cross representing courage, five fleur-de-lis representing purity & light, griffins displayed at the corners represent valor & death defying courage. The upper tip of the shield displays the symbol of St. George and the Dragon representing victory of goodness over evil.

Jerusalem Crest and Shield History

The large cross symbolizes the person of Christ. The four smaller crosses are said to symbolize the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) proclaimed to the four directions in which the Word of Christ spread from Jerusalem. All together, the five crosses can also symbolize the five wounds of Christ during the Passion.

The First Crusaders backed by a secret society of Freemasons entered Jerusalem in 1099AD with Peter the Hermit & Godfrey the Bouillon & took it from Muslim control. A few years later the Knights Templar was founded as the second stream of Freemasons as its protector immediately following the First Crusade. It became necessary for the Christian conquerors to establish some permanent rule for the Holy City. The name Templar is derived from the Temple of Jerusalem. The Knights Templar was formally organized in 1118AD with their first Grand Master, Hugh de Payens.

The symbol that identifies the Templars is the emblem of their order. They adopted the famous splayed red cross & placed it on their mantles, swords, buildings, and gravestones. The cross is also important in tracing the movements of the Templars to their present day headquarters.

Templars were the first religious community to incorporate cross and sword. Initially, the responsibility of the Templars was to guard and guide pilgrims to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Duties of the order gradually expanded to defend the Holy Land against infidels or any force menacing Jerusalem of their religion. The Jerusalem headquarters of today continues to protect the Holy Land against the enemies of Christianity.


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