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Suit-of-Armor_Black_Knight.jpg (124463 bytes)
Suit of Armor - Black Knight

AR00903_Italian_Knight_Blued_Finish_Logo.jpg (117334 bytes)
Armor Knight - Italian

Suit_of_Armor_White_Knight_Armor_small.JPG (11189 bytes)
Suit of Armor -White Knight

Antique Armor Knight Image
Aged Italian Armor

AR399-Black_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor.jpg (122186 bytes)
German Gothic Armor

Gothic Suit of Armor
Gothic - Suit of Armor

Aged_Armor.JPG (86314 bytes)
Suit Of Armor - Antique

Armor_Dragon_Slayer.JPG (64123 bytes)
Dragon Slayer Armor

Armor Spanish Knight

Suit of Armor - Etched

Armor Sentinel

Spanish_Armor_Knight-SA.jpg (801032 bytes)
Knight Armor

AR900002-Suit-of-Armor-w-Lion-SA.jpg (331668 bytes)
Medieval Armor Knight

ARDS723L-001_Suit_Of_Armor_w-Gold_Detail.jpg (87865 bytes)
Armor Knight

Crusader Armor
Crusader Armor

Special Order Armor From Spain and Italy Directly Below
AR701.JPG (74060 bytes)   
AR703_Etched_Armor_Knight.JPG (83300 bytes)      AR008103_.JPG (86608 bytes)      AR05203.JPG (76159 bytes)      AR05403.JPG (67437 bytes)      Aluminum

We will beat any price on a fine suit of knight armor from Spain or Italy

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Swords and medieval armor : This site showcases the medieval knight armor  and battle armaments as well as that of Samurai and Scottish warriors. The SWORDS, shields, Suits of Armor, and Medieval helmets are available at the lowest prices anywhere. We have vast international resources available. If you are inquiring from a military academy, we develop new items constantly. If you have a particular sword in mind, e-mail us a JPEG or GIF file and we will see if we can match it. The SUIT of ARMOR pieces are all hand-made and are fully articulated. They are shipped disassembled. The MEDIEVAL helmets are shipped in a protective gel for ocean transit. Shields are available in plain steel or with an antique painted finish. All shields can also display one or two SWORDS and can be mounted on the back using supplied hardware. Hangers and displays are available so you can properly display your Mediaeval treasure. The Swords are not sharpened although they will take an edge. All halberds and polearms are shipped in two pieces that screw together tightly. All merchandise is manufactured in our partner factories in Spain and India. Our offerings change and are expanded daily. Check with us for new items. We want your business and will work hard to earn your trust. The best cleaner / preservative that we have found is good old WD-40. (TM) If only Gallahad knew of the wonder and power of this magic potion, he might not have spent so much time polishing his sword. We also stock a variety of wearable armour items. The fit and size of these units range from 5'8" to 6'1" in height and weight ranges from 150 to 225 pounds.

Lorica Segmentata Roman Armour 

Shipping: Our products ship for approximately 5% of the purchase price within the Continental US.  Canada and other international shipments will be freight rated on an individual basis. We will research all available methods to give the best shipping rate for our customers. All shipments are fully insured against damage. All damages must be reported immediately. Any returned merchandise for refund is subject to a restocking fee. No returned swords and armour items will be accepted after 14 days. See our policies for more information. All merchandise is shipped via UPS, FED EX Ground or common carrier.

We will beat any price on comparable knight plate armour.

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