Sword of Charlemagne - Toledo Spain


Sword of Charlemagne
Charlemage Display Sword

33" Long Stainless Steel Blade - 40" Total Length - Wire-Wrap Grip 
Bronze Hilt and Pommel - Made in Spain

Charlemagne Sword

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Persistence, practicality, personality, compassion, and energy are five of his acclaimed characteristics that made him a great leader. These qualities have been documented through time by various biographers describing Charles the Great or better known as; Charlemagne. It is said that Charlemagne was by far the most able and noble-spirited of all those who ruled over the nations during his time. He was the unconquered and unconquerable. He has been exalted for his abilities in battle, but more so for his ability to lead and inspire his people.

Born approximately on April 2, 742AD the time and place of Charles’ birth are questionable and documented at various places by biographers. He was born during a time when schooling was in a serious decline. He had some learning with books, and he read a few good ones. He tried in later years to learn writing but never quite succeeded; yet, he could speak many languages such as Teutonic and literary Latin, and understood Greek. Despite his lack of schooling, Charles the Great was very doughty in body and skilled in the use of weapons.

In 761 Charles accompanied his father, Pepin the Short, on an expedition in Aquitaine, and in 763 assumed the government of several counties. In 768 Pippin divided his kingdoms between his two sons, Carloman and Charles. In 768 Charles became ruler of the northern portion of the Frankish kingdom. He was crowned at Noyon on October 9, 768.

Charles had married King of the Lombards, Desiderius’ daughter as part of a peace treaty. In 771 he repudiated his Lombard wife and married princess of the Alamannia named Hildegarde. In 771 his brother Carloman II died, and Charles at twenty-nine became the sole king of the Franks. After the death of his brother, Charlemagne began to expand his empire. He picked the Saxons to attack because they were the last people in the area that were non-Christian and because they tried to invade the Frankish borders many times. This was the biggest and longest fight that Charlemagne would ever embark upon.

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