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This ornate Japanese Katana Sword features a dragon theme with a dragon's head for the pommel and silver claws for the hilt / Tsuba. It has a black lizard skin grip on the sword handle. The hilt is a silver finish and has 4 opposed dragon claws to protect the hand. It functions like a tradition Tsuba on any other Japanese sword with a great unique look. The blade has a mottled Damascus-style finish to it and is very attractive. No two swords are alike. The sword blade is not sharp but can take an edge. The pommel has red eyes and red tongue on the dragon with a menacing open mouth. The piece has a black sheath with a black cloth tie. This a great conversation piece sword and a fine display piece. The sword length is about 39 inches in over all length.

SD-JL009 Dragon Samurai Katana Sword


This Japanese katana sword has a traditional oriental dragon theme and scrimshaw style carved detail in a strong one piece grip. It looks very similar to the type carried by a famous Scottish Highlander on a famous TV series to slay his foes. It has a simulated ivory finish (no animals were harmed or harvested). The sword has a gold-finish Tsuba hilt and tip to the sword sheath. There is a black, gold and white tie mid sword for carrying at the waist. This unique Japanese Samurai sword has a classic oriental design look and feel. The detail on the grip is ornate and very striking. It raised areas of the handle are bright ivory finish while the lower relief areas of the grip have a stark contrasting charcoal finish giving the sword grip a very bold look and an positive slip free grip. This is a great classic samurai sword that you will be proud to own and display in your home or office

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