Wearable Suit of Armor - Aged Rust Finish

Sentinel Aged Suit Of Armor
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The "Aged Sentinel" Wearable Suit of Armor
Authentic Antique-Aged Finish - Hand Made in Italy
Wearable - Fully Articulated - Authentic Style

This Beautiful Wearable suit of armor is hand-made in Italy by skilled craftsman but it looks like it came right of of a museum!  It is the classic style typical of the Mid-16th Century period. The armor comes just as you see it with the stand, inner support frame and the sword. The fully assembled unit on the stand as shown stands approximately 6'2" Tall. The pieces disassemble and can in fact be worn. All fine knights of course had a Squire to assist in the dressing and undressing process and we recommend that here.  The wearable armor is somewhat forgiving in size and will optimally fit a person approximately 5'10 ft. tall and 185 pounds on average. The size range is from a minimum of 5'7" / 150 lb. to 6'0" / 220 lb. maximum. There are some adjustment straps to accommodate the wearer's actual body type to make the proper fit adjustments. The item is constructed of 18 ga.  carbon steel and has a Aged Rust antique finish. There are some small chain mail sections in the inner elbow area to permit freedom of movement.  The visor has a sun shield and perforated holes to permit maximum air ventilation for the wearer. It is recommended that long sleeve, tight fitting inner cotton clothing (Like Sweat pants and shirt) be worn for comfort. It is not recommended that you wear the armor outside in extreme hot, sunny conditions. 
Sword and High Quality Stand with Wood Base Included.  

  AR008R-RUST   On Sale - Normally $3449
Qty.     $3199 

We Will Beat Any Price On This Armor
Don't Be Fooled !
Others Offer a "Light Weight Aluminum" Suit of Armor Trying to Pass it Off as "Heavy Armor". 
Those Are Light Weight in Construction and Dent Very Easily.
We Sell The Heavy Carbon Steel, Real Deal For Less.

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