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Medieval Weapons

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Medieval Weapons and Armor Index

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Medieval Armor
Suits of Armor

Wearable and Display
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wall displays

CM101-LS_Long_Sleeve2.JPG (121057 bytes)
Chain Mail Armor

Steel , Aluminum and Black
w/Short and Long Sleeves

H002203_White_Knight_Helmet.JPG (72748 bytes)
Medieval Helmets

fantasy swords
Fantasy Swords

Armor Breastplates

Several Styles

AR217A_Spaulders.JPG (106708 bytes)
Spaulders SCA Armor

SD28CLR_Medieval_Dragon_Sword_Hilt.jpg (112098 bytes)
Fine Display Swords

MACE-Flanged.jpg (55911 bytes)
Medieval Maces

AR700-2153_Spanish_Suit_or_Armor_Torso.jpg (56049 bytes)
Spanish Suit of Armor

Lorica Segmentata-2.JPG (60530 bytes)
Roman  Armor

 AR-Leg2_Armor_Legs.jpg (70639 bytes)
Armor Legs

SH803_Richard_Lionheart_Painted_Shield.jpg (75175 bytes)
Display Shields

Medieval Shields
Sir_Roger_Yorktown.jpg (195864 bytes)

Custom Coat of Arms

CR-Shield-of-Honor.JPG (120111 bytes)

Medieval Shields - Closeout Specials

SD81026J_Excalibur_Sword _Large.jpg (74150 bytes)
Medieval Swords w/Sheathes 

SD1142_Musketeer_Rapier.jpg (41713 bytes)
Rapier Swords , Several Styles

HA14Z_Halberd.JPG (21726 bytes)
Halberds and Pole Arms

Miniature Armor

SD188_black-dragon.JPG (48288 bytes)
Samurai Swords

civil war
Civil War Swords

CMS36_Chain_Mail_Stand.JPG (35621 bytes)
Armor Stands

Scottish Claymore
Scottish Swords

AX1606_German_Gothic_Axe.jpg (43252 bytes)
Medieval Axes

SD811_Roman_Gladius_Sword_Hilt.jpg (115854 bytes)
Roman Swords

Replica Guns

SD250_Black_Prince-Hilt.JPG (56333 bytes)
Swords From Toledo Spain

MIN37CS_Miniature_Mounted_Knight_w-Sword.JPG (82194 bytes)
Gifts and Awards

CB5FA_Rams_Head_Crossbow.JPG (56754 bytes)
Crossbows and Bolts

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Sword Hangers and Stands


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Wall Display

Swords And Armor is on

Medieval Swords and Armor Specials !
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Featured Medieval Swords

SD248_RTL_Hilt.JPG (54416 bytes)
Richard the Lionheart

SD250_Black_Prince-Hilt.JPG (56333 bytes)
Black Prince

SD901064_Wallace_Sword_Hilt.JPG (79278 bytes)
William Wallace

SD29_Shelby_Sabre_Hilt.JPG (49432 bytes)
CSA Shelby Civil War

SD188_black-dragon.JPG (48288 bytes)
Dragon Samurai Sword

Featured Medieval Shields

SH875_Jerusalem_Shield.jpg (138342 bytes)
Shield of Jerusalem

SH871_St_George_Shield.jpg (121285 bytes)
St. George Shield

SH876_Charlemagne_Shield_Wood.jpg (140722 bytes)

SH806_Shield_of_Black_Prince.JPG (175802 bytes)
Black Prince

SH803_Richard_Lionheart_Painted_Shield.jpg (75175 bytes)
Richard Lionheart

SH855_El-Cid_Painted_Shield.JPG (65113 bytes)

SH926719-Templar.jpg (112077 bytes)

SH800_Richard_Lionheart_Polished_Shield.jpg (68234 bytes)
Richard Lionheart

SH850_CarlosV_Polished_Shield.jpg (64498 bytes)
Carlos V

SH877_Hospitaler_Shield_Wood.jpg (123678 bytes)

SH854_Templar_Knights_Shield.jpg (84520 bytes)

SH926720_El_Cid_Red-Cross.jpg (105024 bytes)
El Cid Shield

SH926721_El_Cid_Natural.jpg (71236 bytes)
El Cid

SH852_CarlosV_Painted_Shield.jpg (71650 bytes)
Carlos V

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