Armor Gauntlets - Wearable

Gothic wearable armor gauntlets
Armor Gauntlets

Gauntlets - Gothic Wearable
Very Generous Fit - Fully Adjustable 
Fits up to Size 10 Glove (Large)
Made From 18 Ga. Carbon Steel - Inner glove liner
Metal wrist strap opens and closes to allow easier fitting


Qty.   $139

Wearable armor gauntlets
Armor Gaunlets

Gauntlets - Gothic Wearable 
Very Generous Fit - Fully Adjustable 
Fits up to Size 11 Glove (XL)
Made From 16 Ga. Carbon Steel

They also have the same polished finish to match any
 breast plate harness , armor spaulders and the armor legs on this site.


Qty.      $169


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