Axes and Medieval Weapons

German Gothic Axe
Axe, German Gothic
Medieval warrior axe
Medieval Warrior Axe
Double bladed executioner axe
Executioner Axe
Large medieval axe
Medieval Axe - Two Handed

One handed battle axe
Battle Axe, One-Handed

Medieval halberd

The classification of pole arms can be difficult and medieval European variations in particular can be confusing. This is due to a number of factors including unfamiliarity of weaponry in original source material, mistranslation of of period accounts, and the use of anachronistic terms by well-meaning researchers and historians.

Halberds, poleaxes, spontoons, fauchards, and Lochaber axes became the workhorses of medieval and renaissance infantry. They were relatively simple to make and easy train common soldiers in the use of as they were originally adapted from hunting and agricultural tools such as axes and billhooks.

Even after the advent of firearms the halberd was a common sight among in European armies well into the 18th century and was carried by Color-Sergeants in the British Army well into the Napoleonic Wars era and is still the ceremonial weapon of the famous Swiss Guard in the Vatican.

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