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Custom Crests and Shields


We have the capability of creating a Custom Crest or Shield of your own design. It can be any image from a simple design to a complex family crest, organizational logo or image. Our artists will hand paint your image on a metal shield as shown below. The cost will depend on the complexity. Charges will be from $199 and up depending on the complexity of the artwork. See the instructions below on how to obtain a quote on a custom shield or crest. All pieces shown here are on our stock 18" x 24" size shield in battle ready or hanging style

Sir_Roger_Yorktown hanguing custom shield    Custom Rampant Lion shield    Combat_Shield
examples of custom designed medieval shields

    Ready Back
Battle Ready Shield with Leather Straps

Medieval shield blank    Blank Shield Back
Display Shield w/ Chain to Display on Wall

We also have another 4 point shield option available shown below
If you want this option, you must specify "4 Point Shield otherwise we use the flat top standard shield shown above
Hanging 4-Point Shield-Custom

Examples From The Custom Shields Gallery

PLEASE NOTE:  Our order volume for custom hand-painted shields increases significantly as we approach the holidays. Production time in Nov. and Dec. may be as long as 3 weeks.  Please Order Early !
Nicholus II Crest Wilson hanging shield Pensacola Talent Show shield

3 Lions Shield



BNCOC Prendergast Crest

custom crest on hanging metal shield with chain

Custom Shield

Custom Quadrant

Hanging _4-Point_Shield-Custom
4 Point Shield Also Available
"Must Specify 4 Point Shield"

Talbot Family Crest

Medic Warrior

Reeden Sovereign Grace

Gold rampant Lions


Nunnally family heraldry

Cam_Smith hanging shield  
PLEASE NOTE:  Our order volume for custom hand-painted shields increases significantly as we approach the holidays.
Production time in Nov. and Dec. may be as long as 3 weeks.  Please Order Early !
1. Send us a high resolution photo in .JPG (JPEG) Format via email at the address shown below. Remember the more detail, the better.

2. Tell us what portion of the image that you want, ie. just the shield portion of a crest or an entire image. Remember the our quote will be proportional to the complexity of the project.

3. Give us any specific color instructions. Remember that digital images vary in color slightly according to the type and quality of a specific computers video system hardware.

4. Specify whether you want a shield to hang on the wall or a hand-held version. It makes a difference in the type of shield we make for you.

5. We will evaluate the project and get you a firm quote within 2 business days.

   Custom Shields for Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Since man has been identifying himself for centuries with various symbols, this can be seen simply as an evolutionary step of tribal identification which we seem to need as a people. To create your own family crest should reflect what your family represents now. Are there certain qualities that you honor, such as integrity, patience or courage? What symbols represent those to you? Do you want to go for a more traditional look or do you have your own design in your mind’s eye when you think of those qualities? Do you associate your family’s name with a certain animal or architectural structure such as a castle with its wall of protection? A modern day Family Crest can be anything that you wish to inspire your own family towards a more noble life. Do you aspire to your own shield? Perhaps you have returned from active combat and wish to immortalize an act of bravery for your family to draw motivation for the next few generations. The ideas are as plentiful now as they were back in the times of the noble knights and ladies of an age that reveled in displays of pageantry and boldness of grand deeds.

Medieval shields simply give us the messages from the past, the reminders of valor and historical records of events and people. Family crests give us the present and hope for future generations. Whether you wish to recreate a Coat of Arms passed down through your family on a shield, or simply wish to own a part of the past or create a modern Family Crest, swordsandarmor.com has a resource now available to meet your requirements.

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