Roman Sword - Gladius


Roman Gladius Sword
SD926625 Gladius Sword with Stand

Gladius Sword Hilt

This Roman Gladius Sword with Sheath 

has a Stainless Steel Blade, Pewter Hilt and Pommel with a wood grip. There is a wooden sheath with pewter finish metal accents. The overall length is 28" Long. Comes with a wooden display stand. This is a very nice sword and is a Great Value.

SD926625  Qty.      $99

Roman Gladius Sword with Display Plaque

 Sword shown displayed on wall plaque
Sword w/ Plaque

This Roman sword has a Stainless Steel Blade, Pewter Hilt and Pommel with a wood grip similar to the sword above but in a natural wood finish. There is some very nice ornate detail work on the blade , hilt and pommel as well. It makes a fine display sword worthy of Caesar's approval. You will be proud to display it in your palace. You will need to install the included sword hanger clip on the plaque with the a single screw that is provided in the packaging.

SD811 Qty.      $109

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