Suit of Armor
German High Gothic Suit of Armor - Circa 1480

AR399 Gothic Suit of Armor
German Gothic Armor - Polished

AR399 Gothic Armor Torso       Gothic Suit of Armor Back

 AR399 Polished  $1799    Qty.    

The Sword and Stand are NOT Included - Click Here for Sword and Stand

This polished and wearable suit of armor from the German High Gothic period is a first class quality piece. We has posed it here on one of our sturdy wrought iron armor stands that is made in the USA by Grace USA. The edgework of the armor is adorned in solid brass and the leg and arm hinges are made of leather ... not metal hinges to provide maximum flexibility if worn and to prevent binding.

Black German Gothic Suit of Armor - Wearable
German High Gothic Armor - Black

15th Century German Gothic Armor Knight
Polished Finish

Authentic Antique Look Suit of Armor - Hand Made
 Fully Articulated with Gothic Period Styling

German Gothic Suit of Armor Torso    Black German Gothic Suit Or Armor Torso Close Up

This hand-made replica suit of armor is of the type produced in the German High Gothic period , Circa 1480. It features an abundance of detailed fluting that adds adornment detail as well as adding strength to the armor knight. The piece is fully articulated ( highly moveable ) and is wearable for an average size person up to approximately a maximum of 5" 10" tall and about 190 pounds . The polished and blackened  carbon steel armor plate sections are highlighted with brass trim throughout. There is a high level of detail on this piece far above what you would normally expect on a replica suit of armor. The Helmet has a pivoting visor and adds a lower bevor chin and neck protective piece.

The Sword and Stand are NOT Included - Click Here for Sword and Stand
AR399-Black  $



The advent of the 14th century saw the arrival on the battlefield a revolutionary new military force – the heavily armored knight. Combining mobility with armor to create a shock force, these legions arrived with such devastating effect that it would shape military tactics from Grunwald (Tannenberg) in the 14th century through Kursk in the 20th and beyond. Covered in plate armor and riding an equally armored steed, the knight and his war horse were the equivalent of the modern battle tank and were used in much the same way. The heyday of the armored knight was in the 15th century and, ironically, often pitted Polish knights in German-made armor against Teutonic knights on many of the same fields where German Panzers engaged Russian T-34s in equally epic struggles five centuries later.

Zawisza Czarny was perhaps the most famous knight of the 15th century, high gothic period. He was a man of unblemished honor and was renowned across Europe for his bravery and his skills as a diplomat for King Wladyslaw II of Poland. He was known as “The Black Knight” for his jet-black hair and his custom made black armor. Like many knights of the 15th century who could afford to outfit themselves with the most up to date armor he had his made abroad in Germany. This type of armor became known as German Gothic armor due to the incorporation of the classic features of Gothic art – slender lines, extended forms, sharp contours, and fluting on flat surfaces. The German Armor Guilds also developed an advanced treatment for their armor to prevent rust while the armies were on campaign. This involved boiling the armor in a pot of “dirty” or used oil until the oil was absorbed into the metal, then burning off the excess. The result was a dark, glossy finish preferred by many knights, including Zawisza.

In 1428 Zawisza, along with his retinue of 500 knights, joined forces with King Sigismund's army in a war against the Ottoman Turks. It was a disastrous campaign, rife with political intrigue and treachery, and Sigismund's forces were soundly defeated. Disgusted the the treachery and disheartened with Sigismund's apparent cowardice, Zawisza refused to retreat and was overwhelmed and killed while guarding the retreating army. A monument near the site of his death reads “In Golubac, his life was taken by the Turks in 1428, the famous Knight, the symbol of courage and honor, Zawisza the Black. Glory to the hero.”

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