Suit of Armor
German High Gothic Suit of Armor - Circa 1480 

15th Century German Gothic Armor Knight - Black Polished Finish 
Authentic Antique Look Suit of Armor - Hand Made
 Fully Articulated with Gothic Period Styling

AR399BK_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor_Torso1.jpg (193274 bytes)     AR399BK_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor_Torso2.jpg (205509 bytes)

This hand-made replica suit of armor is of the type produced in the German High Gothic period , Circa 1480. It features an abundance of detailed fluting that adds adornment detail as well as adding strength to the armor knight. The piece is fully articulated ( highly moveable ) and is wearable for an average size person up to approximately a maximum of 5" 10" tall and about 190 pounds . The polished and blackened  carbon steel armor plate sections are highlighted with brass trim throughout. There is a high level of detail on this piece far above what you would normally expect on a replica suit of armor. The Helmet has a pivoting visor and adds a lower bevor chin and neck protective piece.

The Sword and Stand are NOT Included - Click Here for Sword and Stand


AR399_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor.jpg (140610 bytes)
German Gothic Armor - Polished

This German High Gothic suit of armor is identical to the item above but is in a standard polished finish instead of the Blackened finish shown above. It has the same detail and fits a person up  5' 10 and about 190 pounds maximum. There is a lot of adjustment in the all leather armor straps to customize the fit. These two replica armor knights probably represent the some of the better value per quality we have seen. We give them 2 Thumbs up on both especially since they are wearable and have lots of nice detail.

AR399_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor_Torso.jpg (158124 bytes)      AR399_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor_Back.jpg (143430 bytes)

AR399  $1799    Qty.    

The Sword and Stand are NOT Included - Click Here for Sword and Stand

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AR00903_Italian_Knight_Blued_Finish_Logo.jpg (117334 bytes)
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AR399_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor.jpg (140610 bytes)
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AR399-Black_Gothic_Suit_of_Armor.jpg (122186 bytes)
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AR007BK_Black_Knight.jpg (124463 bytes)
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Sir_Christopher.JPG (64123 bytes)
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AR1150003_Spanish_Knight-SA.jpg (801032 bytes)
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Suit of Armor - Etched

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