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Black Knight Suit of Armor

Black Knight Suit of Armor
Black Knight Suit of Armor
Sword and Stand Sold Separately

This fine wearable suit of armor is a
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Black Knight Armor Torso     Black Knight Helmet

Medieval Helmets

We present to you  . . . The Black Knight. This exquisite, fine wearable suit of armor was designed by us and produced in our partner over seas factory. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. No cheap painted on or fake looking coating on this baby. This authentic medieval-style finish is heat-treated by hand to achieve a very unique and interesting blue / black patina and then oiled to protect the finish. We can absolutely guarantee that no two will be the exactly the same. The finish does have some variation and a natural patina throughout the piece. Very classy  . . .  Very ominous. And rightly so . . . after all . . . this is the Black Knight's suit of armor . . . no frill and fringe polished hubcap look will do here. He is all business and ready to do battle with attitude. We worked hard to achieve a look that was very realistic and worthy of this hard working knight. You will be proud to own, display and wear this medieval era treasure. This authentic looking antique replica suit of armor is fully articulated and has adjustable leather straps. The stand and the sword are not included but available separately.

This suit of armor is somewhat flexible and forgiving in size and will fit a person ranging from a minimum of 5'7" / 150 lb. to 6'0" / 220 lb. maximum. There are adjustment straps to accommodate the wearer's actual body type to make the proper fit adjustments. The item is constructed of 18 ga.  carbon steel.  It is recommended that long sleeve, tight fitting inner cotton clothing (Like Sweat pants and shirt) be worn for comfort.

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AR007BK Black Knight Armor   On Sale  $1849    ( reg. 2399 )


ZAWISZA CZARNY,  THE REAL BLACK KNIGHT ... Related German Gothic Armor

The White Knight ... Background - historical and legend

Armor Stand

Display Your Armor on This Extra Heavy Duty Iron Armor Stand.  Assembles and Adjusts Quickly With a Flat Screw Driver.
Height is Fully Adjustable to Accommodate  Any Size ,  Suit of Armor - Hand Made From Heavy Wrought Iron

AST-02 Special  Qty.      $129  w/ Full Suit of Armor  (Normally $149)

William Wallace Sword
William Wallace Sword
   Stainless Steel Blade - 52" Total Length
Distressed Leather Grip - Leather Scabbard -  Brass Hilt and Pommel  Sword Hilt Area
William Wallace - History of the Scottish Legend

SD901064-BS William Wallace Sword

Qty.     $89
May we suggest . . .
a fine gold finish sword hanger
for your William Wallace sword.

sdh018.gif (10966 bytes)
Sword Hangers

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